Snooker News


The Snooker Blitz is at 7.30 pm and will continue each Thursday until Easter – new Players are always welcome.






Rover  60  Round-up.

‘Tom  Tops  Table’

Tom Dwyer had to beat table topper Mick Slattery and remain unbeaten in the final league series to edge ahead of the afore- mentioned Mick, closely followed by Gerry Lawlor, to capture the Premier League section  crown.


Status Regained

Division 2 was also keenly contested and resulted in Kieran O’Mara regaining top flight status with Joe Walsh for company.


Intrepid Pedro’s Revenge

Division 3 battler Paddy Fagan deservedly gains promotion with intrepid traveller Pedro Gillett who still burns from the humiliation of relegation earlier in the year. No keeping him downunder.


Highest Score

With the highest points total for the final series, Division 4’s  Terry Donaghue( 14 pts) begins to climb to his more usual levels in the company of Phil Dranse.


Best Dressed

Is there a prize for “best dressed” asks Des Leech. Yes, but we gave it to  Larry Keane because the skirt was too long for you. We couldn’t prevent Des and Jim O’Neill  shooting up from Division 5. Is  that Div. 5.


Parachute Brigade

Sadly we come to those who can look forward to playing in lower company next season : Aidan Hilliard (“ I prefer the guys down here”) and Ed. O’Neill (“who thinks differently”).  Barry O’Briain and Sean O’Dwyer (“something about parrots was muttered”).  George “Jet- Lagged” Ormsby and “I saw it on the Internet” Gallagher.  Also demoted were Brian Murray (“I gotten over bigger hurdles in my time” and “( did I show you my grandchildren’s trophies”) Michael Mc Connon.


Steady  As She Goes

If you have not been mentioned so far that is because you are the most steady and reliable set of guys in the League who have again retained  your very high , middling or  well –  low status.  Be happy  Neville, Matt, Larry, Big Jim Reynolds  ( wouldn’t dare say anything about him!!),  Cathal,  Brian,  Brendan Kernan ( past Captain and Past President of SLTC) , John,  Bill,  Jim ( O/75 National Tennis title holder), Jon Mooney( I’m really a badminton player!).


Rovers  Return

Guys who had to withdraw for various reasons over the course of the year – Rory O’Reilly, Jim Lillis, Dave Lawson ( there is only one of him too) , Liam Carroll  and Eamonn are all welcome to join us again in September.


Newcomers  Welcome

We always welcome new members to join the Retired And Over  60  Club.


End of Season Blitz and Brunch  and  AGM.

Our End of Season Fun Blitz , Cuppa  and  AGM will be held Friday 22nd March starting at 10am.

We are delighted to note that our hard-working Trio Committee of Tom Dwyer, Larry Keane and Phil Dranse are willing to serve for another year. Well done lads, and thank you all. Sean O’Dwyer

Sean O’Dwyer.