Club Activities

home-3Whether as a beginner or an elite player the Club has a broad range of activities, offers opportunities for all ages to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Along with competitive tournaments and league matches in Tennis, Squash, Gym and Snooker there are fun events for all ages and standards.  There is also a lively social scene within the Club throughout the year.

All tennis players are catered through a host of playing opprtunities that include inter-Club league, internal events and tournaments.  There is an extensive program of coaching and activities to reflect the year round nature of the sport, such as, our annual competition calendar, round robins, ladders and regular Club nights.

In squash we encourage all members to participate in all events throughout the squash season.  All members are given equal opportunity to progress and develop at their own squash standard and skill level, whether a seasoned player or a beginner of any age.  Full coaching facilities are available for both juniors and seniors.

The new 240m² state of the art gym includes everything you’d expect and much more!  A cardio vascular equipment area, strength and conditioning and free weights areas, a fitness studio for Spinning, TRX, Pilates and Yoga classes to mention but a few.

The Snooker Committee run a wide range of events during the year, including a Thursday night fun blitz each week between September and April. There are also Club tournaments and inter-Club league teams.

There are also member run activities such as Table Tennis, Golf, Cycling, Poker Nights, Bridge and other card games.